Tête-à-tête with Chef Doublexuan

Why did you decide to set up a bistro?
It all started with an illustration that I did for my blog “Whiny Pencil”.

I was in my usual anti-raisin angst mood that seems to occur every six months. I then got inspired to start a website illustrating all the food I find disgusting. Somehow, in the midst of setting up the website originally called “Yucky Food”, my train of thought found a life of its own and before I knew it, “Bistro Palooka” was born.

Why do you let your customers dictate what you cook? You are the boss, no?T

It is really nice to combine creativity with people from all around the world. I am throughly impressed, inspired, and grateful for all the wonderful ideas sent in!

Um, you do know that your food are actually pixels right?
(In a defensive tone) well, food is food.

My gosh, you are really childish. Don’t you have a childhood?
Shut up.

So can you really cook? Like real food?
I tend to break more bowls than produce edible food. Cooking virtually actually gives me an edge here. I am quite impressed at how smart I am actually.

What are your future plans for Bistro Palooka?
I wish to hire some talented sous-chefs and line cooks to join my team. 

Last but not least, what is you favorite food?
Mashed potatoes, and anything with salted caramel!

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